Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bobby Beausoleil and the Freedom Orchestra

Manson's family member, still jailed for life. Read more.

OST for Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising (film) is beautiful motives for darkened and harmonically-correct beginning of dragged out advent or smth like theeeze.

Lucifer Rising (1971)

Артемий Артемьев

A collection of OSTs. First theme from motion picture "Фанат" (1989) & "Фанат 2" (1990)


1. Theme from motion picture "The Fan-I & II"
2. The Last Waltz
3. An Evening in the Country
4. Sand Castle
5. Where East Meets West
6. Night City
7. Calvary
8. Space Distortion
9. Realm of Shadows
10. An Autumn Breath (for Lourance Gartel)
11. I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger (american folk song)
12. The Ending

P.S. Tacks are mixed down

Forgotten Themes (2000)