Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black Ox Orkestar


Ver Tanzt? (Who's dancing?) cst records 2004 / Nisht Azoy (Not like this) cst records 2006 are both in archive

Montreal band plays new jewish neofolk in yiddish. This could be ridiculous, isn't it? Fuck not! The non-jewish members, I guess, but who knows better than God, most of them are also members of Godspeed you! Black emperor. So, you'd be imagine what's going on in each track, I'd be described it as   yearning that overwhelms jewish minds and eternal grief mixed with kasher authenticity of existence. So, these words are shit, nobody can express its distress, except the jew, of course... It sounds magnificent, these both albums are the greatest stuff I've ever heard, but I like to check the jewishness, this's true, for real, y'know pals! Try to undertake all boredom of jew people and steep into the holy water with neofolk psycho songs!  

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