Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Miles Devens - Atlantic Woman

Artist - Miles Devens

Title - Atlantic Woman
Label - New Age Cassettes
Year - 2007
Genre - psych folk/blues


"New limited cassette on The Skaters own New Age imprint presents their first ever non-Skaters related release, a full cassette album from Miles Devens aka Belgian folk-blues loner Ignatz with a bucket full of his more off-the-map creations, all compiled and edited by Spencer Clarke of Skaters/Vodka Soap. Visions of Jandek, Incredible String Band, Comus, Nico, Witthuser and Westrupp, Henry Flynt and John Cale all flit through your brain as this great tape unfolds in drawls of ancient sounding organ, ritual percussion, slow bowed strings and that great narcotic Kosmiche feel that defines everything the Skaters get their hands on. " - Volcanic Tongue

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