Saturday, April 9, 2011

High Wolf

I guess the greatest High Wolf tape I've ever heard, he's gonna be a new Sun Araw as Kyzia said. Looks like psychetropical loops move through the electric night of New New-York City, it rains heavily, metal raindrops all over the streets, pedestrians walk as always slowly covered under neon-umbrellas, shining hieroglyphic letters ten feet above deepen into the puddles with sparkling glow... Chinese canteens scent of bitter and acetous food, hoovercars land on the roofs...
Groovy and well made psy-shit!

Étoile 3030 (2011)

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  1. .я говорил что усатый из sun araw сдулся, и что High Wolf для меня стали алтернативой sun araw - в частности этот альбом