Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Odd Nosdam

Some mixes and ye olde stuff by David Madman should be looped, dubbed, televised, radioed, broadcasted, rereleased on each human-ever-made record material.
God bless the Anticon.

Le Mix Live (2004)

Mixtape Superdelux (2008)

Le Mix Ambient (2006)

Nosdam's Thriftstore Mixtape (Tour CDr 2005) 

Nosdamnastic (?)

Plan9...Meat Your Hypnotist (2001)

Reject (2001)

(this tape came to me a week ago or so; nosdam's side sounds like an raffish trick with crossfader, but it lasts 18 minutes!)

Odd Nosdam / Matthewdavid - Swedish Fish (tape 2011)

Niggah should be known:

check it on

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