Sunday, February 20, 2011

Psychosixties (Volume One)

Aguaturbia was a Chilean band acted in the end of 60s. They were pioneers of psy rock in Latin America. True psycho sound is an ending of long journey into colored void of oneself. 

The Appletree Theatre is psychecollage of small sounds pieces, cut-ups of speech and sonorous melodies . A well-made album, the only one and the single work of the band.

Ultimate Spinach is more than just psychodelia. Melodic and sometimes it sounds as contemporary classical. The combination of everything. Tracks titled "Fragmentary March of Green" and Genesis of Beauty are blues folkodelica ballads. Learn more here.

The Graveyard Five is super rare psychegarage and surf band. Not so many info about them. 
It is reported that  The Graveyard Five often times played on stage propped next to a coffin. On a dark and stormy night in 1968 in Northern California, the band parked within a cemetery and penned their classic garage rock opus Marble Orchard, thereby creating a unique song that bassist Steve Kuppinger believes represents the group's self-professed "graveyard sound".

Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier's EP is groovy and noisy psychedelia of France! Psyché Rock theme is reworked into Futurama Theme.

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